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The KulturQuartier Museums and Exhibitions

Automuseum Prototyp

Discover the fascination of German racing history in the Automuseum PROTOTYP. Around 45 rare sports and racing cars and prototypes as well as the life stories of legendary race drivers and ingenious designers. Further highlights: Porsche 356 driving simulator, integrated cinema, miniature wind channel model and transparent workshop. Bistro & café, shop, event areas. Varying special exhibitions.

Shanghaiallee 7, 20457 Hamburg
Tel. 040-39 99 69 70
Tue–Sun 10am–6pm

Cap San Diego Hamburg

The largest seaworthy museum cargo ship in the world! Experience and discover 160 metros of shipping history and embark on a long voyage with the English booklet. Stop for a break in the “Bord-Bistro” and stay the night on, instead of by, the Elbe river in one of our passenger cabins. Or even set sail with us! Experience the ship while she’s going full ahead and enjoy her technical equipment. The Cap San Diego Crew will be delighted in your visit.

Berth Überseebrücke, 20459 Hamburg
Tel. 040-36 42 09
Open daily 10am–6pm
English booklet available

Deutsches Zollmuseum

The Deutsches Zollmuseum is located in the historical custom office at Kornhausbrücke. The history of customs from the early beginning to the present is depicted in the museum: certificates and contracts, hiding places and smuggled goods, uniforms and even a customs cutter are waiting to be discovered. A real-life, comprehensive exhibition of the work performed by customs, with around 1,000 exhibits on 800 sq.m.

Alter Wandrahm 16, 20457 Hamburg
Tel. 040-30 08 76-11
Tue–Sun 10am–5pm

Dialoghaus Hamburg gGmbH

The Dialoghaus (Dialogue House) opens up worlds in complete darkness and silence and lets you experience the potential of the ageing process with the exhibitions Dialogue in the Dark, Dialogue in Silence and Dialogue with Time. The original Dinner in the Dark offers an intensive experience. The programme for school classes fascinates both schoolchildren and teachers. We also offer inspiring rooms and formats for personnel development measures.

Alter Wandrahm 4, 20457 Hamburg
Tel. 040-309 63 40
Tue–Fri 9am–6pm,
The current opening hours can be found on our website:

HafenCity InfoCenter in Kesselhaus

Once the Kesselhaus (former boiler house) generated energy for the Speicherstadt; today it is the information centre for Hamburg’s most famous urban development project, HafenCity. Have a look at the model of the growing city district layout and find out how far its realization has progressed – or just enjoy some culinary delights in our café overlooking the canal.

Am Sandtorkai 30, Kesselhaus, 20457 Hamburg
Tel. 040-36 90 17 99
Tue–Sun 10am–6pm, Admission free,
Tours on request

Hamburg Dungeon

The journey through over 600 years of Hamburg’s dark history starts in the “Gängeviertel”, where the famous “Speicherstadt” is now found. The visitors have to escape the great fire of 1842, face inquisition and will meet the ghost of Maria Katharina Wächtler. A 90-minute tour with professional actors and two rides — nerve-wracking, scary and fun, from 10 years upward.

Kehrwieder 2, Block D, 20457 Hamburg,
Tel. 01806-66 69 01 40
(0,20 €/min German landline)
The current opening hours can be found on our website:

Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

Where Hamburg’s maritime heart beats. More than 40,000 miniture models, a treasure trove of ships in gold and silver and the QUEEN MARY 2 made up of a million Lego bricks. Particularly popular: the high-tech ship simulator. Event areas for 10 to 400 people in Hamburg’s oldest, preserved warehouse. Restaurant, bistro, shop, bookshop.

Kaispeicher B
Koreastraße 1, 20457 Hamburg
Tel. 040-30 09 23 00
Tue–Sun 10am–6pm

Miniatur Wunderland Model Railway

Miniatur Wunderland is the visitor magnet of the Speicherstadt. 18,000,000 visitors have already seen the largest model railway exhibition in the world: 1,499 sq.m. of model world superlatives. From Scandinavia, via Las Vegas and Hamburg, the miniature airport covering 150 sq.m., to Italy — eight unique theme worlds have been constructed in over 923,000 working hours.

Kehrwieder 2, Block D, 20457 Hamburg,
Tel. 040-300 68 00
Open daily, 9:30am–6pm, Tue till 9pm Fri till 7pm,
Sat 8am–10pm, Sun and holidays 8:30am–8pm

Osaka 9 – HafenCity sustainability pavilion

The core topics of ecologically sustainable urban development in the HafenCity can be seen in the OSAKA 9 Exhibition. The 120 sq.m.-sized exhibition pavilion is located along the riverside promenade by the Magdeburger Hafen. Refreshing beverages and small snacks, all from Fair Trade and organic origins, are available from the counter of the small CaféBar.

Osakaallee 9 on the promenade, 20457 Hamburg
Tel. 040-37 47 26 60
Tue–Sun 10am–6pm
Admission free, Tours on request


Discover Hamburg‘s world heritage! In an authentic warehouse dating from 1888 you gain an insight into the traditional work of the warehouse keepers as well as typical import goods such as coffee, tea or cocoa. Further topics are the tea and coffee trade and the building of the Speicherstadt, all illustrated with historic photos, maps and plans. All information boards in our exhibition include a summary in English. Museum café and shop. Current guided tours: see our website.

Am Sandtorkai 36, 20457 Hamburg,
Tel. 040-32 11 91
Mon–Fri 10am–5pm, Sat, Sun and holidays 10am–6pm,
December to February Tue–Sun 10am–5pm

Spicy’s Gewürzmuseum

The only spice museum in the world. Smelling, tasting and feeling approx. 50 raw spices is expressly allowed. More than 900 exhibits from the last five centuries tell the history of spices from their planting and growing right up to the finished product. Alternating special exhibitions. Group guided tours possible upon prior booking.

Am Sandtorkai 34, Block L, 20457 Hamburg
Tel. 040-36 79 89
Tue – Sun and holidays 10am – 5pm
From July to October also open Mon

Where is what in historic warehouse district and HafenCity?

The Guide System

The guide system established in the historic warehouse district comprises eleven panels located along key access routes and in prominent places, providing background information on Hamburg's port district and its attractions. It also clearly shows the locations of the museums and exhibitions   as well as the sectors and names of the institutions and companies whose advertisements are helping to finance the joint public relations activities of the KulturQuartier initiative. The steles have been designed in conjunction with the historic monuments authority and the owner of the historic warehouse district, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik Aktiengesellschaft, to match the historical look and feel of district and feature appropriate colors.


The history of the Warehouse District

The historic warehouse district – an industrial world heritage

The "Speicherstadt", as it is known in German, is an internationally unique historic warehouse complex which was constructed at the end of the 19th century in what at the time was the newly developed free port. Elaborately designed warehouses line the customs canals over a distance of two kilometres, linked by many picturesque riveted bridges across. In addition to its original use, this "city within a city" has become home to a large number of different exhibitions and museums. The historic warehouse and counting house district including the "Chilehaus" was named a UNESCO world heritage in July 2015.


1881 Hamburg concludes the Customs Union Treaty with the German Reich which provides for the establishment of a free port in which imported goods can be handled and stored free of duty.
1882 The Senate decides to build the new free-port warehouses on Brook Island to the south of the Altstadt.
1883 Construction of the Speicherstadt begins with the demolition of the baroque half-timbered area on Kehrwieder.
1888 The free port opens on 15 October. The official celebrations take place two weeks later in the presence of Kaiser Wilhelm II.
1898 Two-thirds of the Speicherstadt is completed. Work begins on the eastern construction phase.
1914 The First World War puts a stop to expansion of the Speicherstadt. Blocks Y and Z are never realized.
1943/44 More than 50 per cent of the Speicherstadt is destroyed in air raids during the Second World War.
1967 Rebuilding of the Speicherstadt finishes with the completion of Block T in Alten Wandrahm.
2003 The Speicherstadt and the area of the HafenCity are released from the confines of the free port.
2008 From March 2008, the Speicherstadt and HafenCity comprise the new city district of the HafenCity.
2015 In early July, the historic warehouse and counting house district together with the "Chilehaus" was named a UNESCO world heritage on account of their universal significance.


Hamburg's new city by the waterfront

South of the Speicherstadt, the HafenCity is taking shape, a new city centre district with a lively mix of homes, offices, leisure, shopping and culture. It is always worth a trip to enjoy the free summer program, to watch the ships at the Cruise Terminal, in the Traditional Ship Harbour or on the Elbe. Promenades, cafés and restaurants between the Elbphilharmonie and the Lohsepark are ideal for strolling and dining.


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